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Each corporate debt financing is unique due to each company having different characteristics, be it their credit profile, existing lender relationship, growth opportunities or operational structure and management. Deschutes Capital enjoys delivering value to the financing process for our clients with our understanding of the capital markets, debt structuring and corporate operations. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

-David Wyly, President

Alternative Corporate Finance

Relative to more standard corporate financing methods, Alternative Corporate Financing methods can facilitate additional leverage while resolving obstructions that would otherwise make the transaction difficult or impossible to do. Some examples of alternative financing methods, would include :

  • trade financing and purchase order financing,
  • credit enhanced financing, or
  • cross collateral financing.

Deschutes Capital has the flexibility to work with a wide variety of business lenders to provide your company the alternative financing it needs, subject to your company's credit profile and ability to repay the debt. We will help you through the commercial financing alternatives and assortment of lenders to identify an appropriate financing structure and funding source for your company's specific commercial credit profile.

We are able to provide financing to a wide variety of industries and business credit profiles. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors and service companies.

Alternative Debt Financing

We will work with you to structure and obtain your company's debt needs based on your company's balance sheet assets, income statement and cash flow, subject to current market conditions.

Deschutes Capital can help. We pride ourselves on integrity, knowledge and relationships to deliver the service you deserve.