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Mergers & Acquisitions Financing

Mergers and Acquisitions imageDeschutes Capital welcomes the opportunity to structure and arrange your merger and acquisitions financing, whether for a:

We can assist with an acquisition of a company or assets valued in excess of $20 million, at three (3) to five (5) times EBITDA, or that has sufficient cash flow and equity for asset based financing in excess of $10 mil.

Deschutes Capital works with equity sponsors and corporate management to evaluate the commercial financing alternatives and commercial lenders to identify an appropriate financing structure and funding source at a competitive rate. We help you structure your acquisition financing based on current market conditions and the term structure of your company's balance sheet assets and pro forma cash flow from operations or EBITDA from working capital lines of credit through long-term capital investment ( CAPEX ) financing, including:

All corporate acquisition financing or asset acquisition financing is subject to current market conditions and the term structure of your company's balance sheet assets, CAPEX and equity; income statement and pro forma cash flow from operations or EBITDA.

We can structure a cash flow loan or cash flow financing to meet your company's needs based on it's historical cash flow from operations or EBITDA, future opportunities and equity position. With respect to short term assets, an accounts receivable line of credit, working capital line of credit or inventory loan can be tailored to meet your company's specific seasonal needs. We can also employ risk management tools, such as, credit insurance and inventory management, when appropriate.

If you are interested in leveraged financing, a cash flow subordinated loan may be available, subject to the level and stability of your company's historical cash flow from operations or EBITDA, and return on equity ( ROE ) are sufficient. Additional considerations are the business cycle risk of your industry, seasonality of your business, and credit risk profile and concentration of your company's customer base.

Most commercial lenders are limited to their underwriting criteria, portfolio concentrations and current lending availability. Deschutes Capital has the flexibility to work with a wide variety of corporate lenders. Our corporate finance services are flexible, creative and aggressive to provide a financial structure at a competitive rate that is appropriate for your company's commercial credit profile and capital market conditions.

Deschutes Capital welcomes the opportunity to work with private equity sponsors, investors, buyout groups and corporate acquisition groups. Whether you need debt financing for working capital or to acquire long-term capital investments ( CAPEX ), please submit a corporate finance inquiry form so that an account executive can call to discuss your corporate debt financing needs.

To explore the full range of corporate financing that Deschutes Capital provides, please go to the top of this page and click on the corporate finance service which is best suited for your company and circumstances.

We pride ourselves on integrity, knowledge and relationships to deliver the service you deserve.

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